Interview-Training with DRIVE!


If you want to make a career in motorsports, you shouldn't hide from the camera - but use every interview as an opportunity!


Fans and sponsors love charismatic shooting stars who also inspire outside the cockpit with their very own personality.


Talking about your race in front of a camera and  share your passion for the sport with the fans is more than just ‚part of the job‘ - it’s your chance to show who you are! So you better start enjoying your interviews instead of feeling tense and insecure ...  


Don’t forget: every media appearance, every conversation with a journalist or sponsor and especially every interview gives you the possibility to collect some extra points! 


The more fans & media love you, the more you’re loved by your sponsors!

In the Shooting STAR program, the youngsters get the opportunity to gain their first (positive) experience with the camera, learn the most important DOs and DONTs and, step by step, develop so much self-confidence in different interview situations that they become a SELF-CONFIDENT TV-APPROVED ROOKIE


Then, once the career takes off, new challenges come along and may turn the young gun into a CHARISMATIC and AUTHENTIC MEDIA PRO - this is where the CHAMP program comes in.


But let's start from the beginning ...



In my new media training program, the young drivers learn step by step how to use their media work as an important tool to connect to fans and win new sponsors and thus also set the course for a successful career on and off the track. 


The focus of the training is on the appearance in front of the camera and the various interview situations that every professional racer has to deal with at some point. 


Since even the greatest champion starts out as a rookie, the overall concept consists of two programs that build on each other.

What the young drivers can expect in the Shooting STAR Programm:

The entry-level program is designed for six to eight weeks and combines effective offline training with compact online sessions and some practice between the Zooms.  

During this time, the rookies will…

☑️ find new confidence in front of the camera. 

☑️ get to know and learn how to master the most important interview situations.

☑️ experience what it's like to work with a cameraman and professional equipment.

☑️ find out that media work can be much more fun than expected as their confidence grows.

During this eight-week-program, the youngsters will also find a lot of inspiration to develop their own personality as a driver and find out what this can do for their appearance in front of the camera & audience. 


All these little steps help them prepare to be a  real Shooting STAR one day! 🚀

What the drivers will experience in the Shooting STAR Program:

Eight weeks in which they can grow beyond themselves on camera and with the mic in their hands!!!


In the first six weeks, the youngsters will have regular training sessions via Zoom to go through all the relevant topics.

The last two weeks then are all about practice & feedback. We take and create the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned before - and we do that in the drivers' 'natural habitat’: at the race track or, for example, the team headquarter.


During this time (and beyond if needed) we analyze as many interviews as possible - which helps the young driver to get better  each time.


The Zoom sessions serve as an important preparation for the practical training part. Here we do all the base work finding the right (MIND) 'set-up', so that the juniors feel ready to start into their first 'free practice' with camera & microphone. 😉


We take care of the mindset and the right attitude of the young drivers regarding their media work and make sure that they not only recognize chances & opportunities, but can also use them.


We take a close look at their body language and help them optimize it with a few simple tricks.


We give them simple but effective strategies to help them handle difficult situations in interviews.

We give them the confidence and self-assurance that they need in first place to  be the shining champion in front of the camera 

I work with the young drivers to find out what makes each of them unique and special... What makes him/her stand out from all the other rookies out there - because a Shooting STAR wants and needs to be seen! 🚀


You can start with your Shooting STAR Program right away - let’s get in touch!

You don’t know me yet? 

This is what you should know about me

 … that being the daughter of a former racing driver and motorsport journalist, I grew up with racing and started early to spent most of my weekends at the race track. This  made it almost impossible to do anything else than picking up the microphone to be reporting about this fascinating sport.  


 … that during almost thirty years as a presenter, I made countless interviews at the race tracks worldwide - following important motorsport categories like DTM, NASCAR, World Rally Championship and even F1. So I know exactly what the youngsters have to be prepared for … 


    … that I speak five languages and the drivers  have the chance to improve their English, German or Spanish with me, depending where they come from and what country they are racing in. This way they are prepared to work with international teams and engineers. 


You think that sounds interesting? Then let’s talk!